Life Coaching and Consulting

Everyone could use a Coach at some point in their lives

Here is a mix of common questions about Life Coaching

What can a Life Coach actually do for me?

A Life Coach helps you to identify and remove all the interferences that stand between you and the life that you always wanted.

What are these so-called interferences?

These are the things that get us STUCK between where we currently are and where we (actually) want to be. It’s the stuff that we tell ourselves every day – without even being aware of it - that stop us from being happy.

A Life Coach gets you UN-STUCK from all the things that are currently holding you back and helps you to move forward with purpose.

Our Interferences get us Stuck
Zero Limits Our Interferences Getting Us Stuck

What is interfering with my happiness?

Below are some of the things that get in the way of our happiness – and ironically most of these interferences we have completely made up ourselves.

“Life Coaching is a powerful intervention over a short period that will change your thinking - and your life.”

A coach helps you to identify and remove these interferences and works with you to develop a sustainable plan to get you to where you want to be.

When it comes to coaching it is all about YOU. Coaching will provide you with clarity and awareness of the things that are currently standing between you and personal happiness. Through the coaching process you will learn more about yourself and get perspective on your particular Interferences in life. Then we get into action to start making the changes you want to make.

How does Life Coaching work?

At Zero Limits we follow a two phased approach, which we believe is key to making a Lasting Impact in your life. First we get an Awareness of how you perceive the world and of the specific things that are currently stopping you from living the life that you want. We get a thorough understanding of what you want and determine the Coaching Topics for us to focus on. Then we get into Action and together we develop a sustainable plan that will leave a lasting impact in your life.

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”
– Albert Einstein

Think of coaching with us as getting an Owner’s Manual of how you work and a Plan to get you to where you want to be.

Are you coachable? What does that mean?

Are you really ready to challenge your comfort zone...?

The mere fact that you are on our website surely means that you are ready to make some changes in your thinking and in your life – right?

Not necessarily.
Think about hiring a personal trainer (or coach) at your local gym. They are 100% committed to your health and therefore expect you to put in the time, effort an commitment required to achieve the goals that you have set. So – maybe for a week or two it goes well, but before you know it you start to arrive late (or not at all), you cheat on the diet that you both agreed on and eventually you decide that maybe this personal training thing is actually not for you. Was that commitment to yourself and to your coach really there in the first place?

Just like a personal trainer a Coach expects your commitment, time and effort to the action plan and goals that are mutually agreed on. We promise to give you our undivided attention and a 150% commitment in every session with you.

Without the same commitment from you we will have some lovely chats – but we will achieve no lasting results.

What is Life Coaching not?

Here is what Life Coaching definitely is not:
- Therapy
- Counselling
- “Fixing” you
- Mentoring
- Telling you what to do
- Dwelling on the past (coaches focus on the present and future)
- A long intervention